November 9, 2023

The Only 2024-2025 FAFSA Guide You Need

Fewer questions, more Pell Grant $$$, and some cosmetic changes you may not even notice — we run down what’s important and how Mos can get you some of that government money.

It’s that time of year again. The air is crisp and just when you thought you could forget about last year’s taxes — BAM, it’s here again. FAFSA season. It’s later in the year now than it used to be but just what the hell isn’t different than it was ten years ago? Anyways, this is a big money thing and it’s the one time the government turns on the money faucet. We thought we’d help you out with some of the important stuff.

What you need to know

It’s simpler.

Used to be over 100 questions, now its a couple dozen. No more questions about convictions or Selective Service registration, plus the form is now translated into more languages. There’s also the Simplified Needs Test, this quickly determines whether you need to include assets in your application.

Some names have changed.

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is now called the Student Aid Index (SAI). Any person providing their information for your FAFSA is called a Contributor — and any Contributor will need their own student aid account.

More opportunities.

The how and why isn’t important to you but there is a LOT more Pell Grant money available this year. For example, if you’ve been incarcerated, you’re still eligible for Pell Grants. You can also add up to 20 schools to your application instead of the previous maximum of 10. Non-citizen contributor? You don’t need to file a paper signature anymore! Just use your Individual Taxpayer ID.

What you need to do

Plan ahead.

This means a couple things: get your contributors to create their account to avoid any delays, ensure those contributors filed their 2022 taxes, and be aware of your state’s FAFSA priority deadline and adhere to it.

Get school-specific.

Each school has its own Net Price calculator, check it out to get a rough estimate of what it could cost. Also find institutional scholarships specific to your desired school and major and apply to them to lower your expected tuition.

Mos Advisors Do the Work

How Mos will help you

We’re the FAFSA pros.

We know everything about this hulking government program. If you’ve got questions, we’ll answer ‘em and make sure your FAFSA is correct.

Get you more money.

Not loans, actual money. We know how to work the system through FAFSA adjustments, special circumstance appeals, and negotiating directly with schools.

$160 billion in scholarships.

Our database is, well, pretty big. And our advisors will pair you with the scholarships you’re most likely to get.

It’s not as tedious as in previous years (still not great but we’ll take it) but it’s stressful and you want to get it right. The best way to make sure your FAFSA business is in order? Hit us up and we’ll take care of you.

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