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April 4, 2023

College JumpStart Scholarship: what it is, who's eligible, and how to apply

The College JumpStart Scholarship awards lucky winners with $1,000 scholarships for higher education. Find out how to apply inside!

 College JumpStart Scholarship opportunity

We don’t need to tell you that college is crazy-expensive. 

The “cheap” universities (public, in-state) still run $10,740 per year, on average. And private schools? A whopping $38,070 a year. Oof! 

Fortunately, there are resources available to students to help with the rising cost of education.

From financial aid (which you should apply for ASAP) to scholarships, there’s plenty of financial help out there for students. 

One popular scholarship opportunity is the College JumpStart Scholarship, an easy scholarship that could put $1,000 in your pocket to pay for school.

This comprehensive guide tells you everything you need to know about the JumpStart scholarship—including how to apply and (hopefully) get some free money for college! 

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What is the College JumpStart Scholarship? 

The College JumpStart Scholarship is a private scholarship that almost any college student (or future college student) can apply for. There are no age requirements, so whether you’re a high school senior or you’re 45, you can apply!

What is the College JumpStart Scholarship

There are also no grade point average (GPA) or test score requirements. Applicants are judged solely on the contents of their ~250-word personal statement. 

The prize is a $1,000 scholarship, which can be used for educational expenses at any college or university in the United States! 

The scholarship is offered by a volunteer group and paid for through a variety of private and corporate donations. 

Scholarships like this one are essentially free money for school. Students can apply, and if they are selected to receive the award, the $1,000 will be sent directly to the school of their choosing to help pay for tuition and fees. 

When figuring out how to pay for college, most students will use a mix of their own savings, student loans, scholarships, and grants. On average, grants and scholarships help cover around 25% of the average college student’s expenses—so you definitely don’t want to sleep on scholarships! 

The College JumpStart Scholarship is just one of the thousands of scholarship opportunities available to students. But because it has a simple application and broad eligibility requirements, it should definitely be on your list of ones to apply for! 

Who’s eligible? 

To qualify for the JumpStart scholarship, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

College JumpStart Scholarship eligibility requirements
  • Be a US citizen or legal resident.

  • Be currently attending or planning to attend a 2-year, 4-year, community, vocational, or trade school within the next 12 months. Online programs are accepted as well. 

  • Be committed to pursuing education in order to improve your life or the lives of those in your community. 

  • If you’re in high school, you must be currently enrolled in 10th, 11th, or 12th grades (sophomore, junior, or senior).

  • If you’re an adult or non-traditional student, there are no age limits or education requirements (but you must be planning to attend college within the next 12 months).

As you can see, the College JumpStart Scholarship has very straightforward eligibility requirements. Financial needs, GPA, and test scores aren’t considered. As long as you meet the requirements and submit an application, you’ll be considered for the scholarship! 

There’s no maximum age limit, so lifetime learners are welcome to apply. There isn’t technically a minimum age requirement, either, although the scholarship isn’t available for high school freshmen or middle-schoolers. 

How to apply for the College JumpStart Scholarship 

This scholarship has a simple online application process. Here’s how to apply. 

1. Head to the official website

2. Fill in the required information (name, contact information, educational goals, desired colleges, etc.)

3. Write a personal statement in 250 words or fewer. There are 3 questions to choose from. Pick one, and answer it in up to 250 words:

What are your educational goals?

How will winning this scholarship help you attain your goals?

Write about a time when hard work paid off. 

4. Submit the application. If you’re selected as a winner, you’ll hear back approximately 8–10 weeks after the application deadline. 

Application Process

The personal statement is simply submitted with the online application, so you don’t need to attach anything or even format it in any specific way. 

Your personal statement will be judged based on its content, not on your writing style. So don’t worry if you’re not the next Hemingway—just focus on writing from the heart! 

Application deadline

There are 2 rounds of scholarships available each year: one in the fall and one in the spring. The deadlines are:

  • Spring deadline: April 15

  • Fall deadline: October 17

The College JumpStart Scholarship deadlines are subject to change. See the official website for details. 

Similar scholarships to College JumpStart 

The College JumpStart Scholarship is easy to apply for and has broad eligibility requirements. Are there others like it?

There sure are! Here are some top options:

  • $2,000 “No Essay” College Scholarship. This scholarship is open to all high school and college students, and it doesn’t require an essay or personal statement. You can apply in about 2 minutes, and the winner is simply chosen randomly. You can also apply every month, and there’s a new winner each month!

  • $1,000 Cappex Easy Money Scholarship. This scholarship is another no-essay option that simply asks you to fill out a simple online form. It’s available to all high school and college students.

  • Scholarships360 $1,000 No-Essay Scholarship. This is another no-essay scholarship that simply requires you to sign up for a Scholarships360 account. All students are eligible.

  • College Board Opportunity Scholarships. This is actually a series of 6 different scholarship opportunities. These opportunities are open to high school seniors. They ask you to complete necessary tasks like practicing for the SAT, submitting your FAFSA, or building your college list.

Each scholarship awards lucky winners with $500—and if you complete them all, you’ll be entered to win a $40,000 grand prize scholarship!

Want to learn more about scholarships? Check out our guides to niche scholarships and merit scholarships

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College JumpStart Scholarship FAQs 

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions about the College Jumpstart Scholarship.

Is the College JumpStart Scholarship legit?

Yes, it is! The College JumpStart Scholarship has been awarding funds to students for many years. You can read about some of the recent winners here

How much is the JumpStart scholarship worth? 

The award amount is $1,000, which can be sent directly to the school of your choosing to help pay for higher education tuition or fees. 

Do I need to show financial need to apply? 

No. Financial need isn’t considered for this scholarship, and you don’t need to include any information about your finances (or your family’s finances). 

What can the JumpStart scholarship be used for?

The JumpStart scholarship funds can be used for any qualifying educational expenses, such as tuition or school fees. It can be used at any college, university, trade school, or vocational school in the US! 

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The College JumpStart Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship opportunity that’s simple to apply for and open to most students. It should definitely be on your application list! 

For help finding and applying for thousands of scholarships like the JumpStart Scholarship, check out Mos. We’re on a mission to help students pay for college, with guidance on the FAFSA, scholarship applications, and even student banking. 

And if you want to learn more about scholarships, check out our guide on how to apply for scholarships.

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