Referral Terms

1. Referral Program. We may invite Mos users to engage in a program that rewards them for referring friends and family to Mos (“Referral Program”).

2. Change of the Referral Program. We may modify or terminate the Referral Program at any time with or without notice to our users. We may change the amount of rewards we offer for referrals, place any type of restrictions like a cap on earnings, cancel participations in the Referral Program, or put an end to the Referral Program or part of it. These events may limit the possibility to earn rewards.

3. Earning Rewards. Our users will have the opportunity to receive a reward each time they refer a friend to Mos using a personal referral code issued by Mos. In order to earn rewards, a user must provide his/her unique referral code to his/her friend, and the friend must enter this unique referral code when he or she signs up for Mos waitlist. Both the user who refer and the referred friend must open separate Mos Accounts. When this occurs, Mos will credit five U.S. Dollar ($5.00) to both accounts. Only one reward will be granted per pair of Mos accounts. Rewards are granted for promotional purposes and can't be used for commercial purposes nor being transferred. They don't have any cash value before being credited by Mos to a Mos Account. Mos reserves the right to decline to credit your account for rewards earned at any time and for any reason. In case of suspected fraud in connection with earning rewards Mos may put an end to participations in the referral program, freeze previously earned rewards or cancel the user's Mos account.