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Everything in Mos Basic and a personal Mos advisor who will:

  • Provide you with unlimited 1:1 support all year
  • Send 3 scholarships a month, hand-picked for you!
  • Provide 3 essay reviews
  • Explain your financial aid options and negotiate with schools for even more $$$
  • Review your FAFSA
  • Guide you through your state aid application

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  • Get access to $160B in financial aid
  • Explore 20,000 scholarships updated monthly
  • Take a quiz to get matched with scholarships
satisfied student
Angel got $5,100 for USD
satisfied student
Maya got $25,314 for UTK
satisfied student
Ashlynn got $7,000 for DRAKE
satisfied student
Omar got $16,050 for Jefferson
satisfied student
Deena got $6,495 for MSU
satisfied student
Mario got $9,084 for CBU
satisfied student
Jasmine got $12,237 for Cal Poly
satisfied student
Dominic got $9,550 for UMD
satisfied student
Hannah got $1,000 for U of A
satisfied student
Alex got $2,000 for Saint John’s

Frequently asked questions

We guarantee you'll get at least 5x what you paid for Mos, each year! We've helped thousands of students lower their tuition and are confident we can help you too!

We hate to see you go, but if you'd like to cancel, we won't stop you. If you'd like to close your account, reach out to your advisor and provide documentation showing that you didn't get any financial aid with Mos, and we'll give you a full refund.

Each school’s cost of attendance and process for approving financial aid is different, so Mos can’t give you the exact dollar amounts quite yet. If your aid offer is lower than it should be, Mos can write an appeal for you to get you more funds!

Your college's financial aid office will process any government financial aid you receive, then apply that money to your student bill at the start of the term. Any leftover money usually goes directly to you so that you can cover any other costs. The timing of when this all happens is different at each college, but is typically at the start of the fall semester. Private scholarships open and close year round and you can get those funds at any time, depending on the scholarship.

Mos advisors are experienced financial aid experts. We’re well-versed in the entire financial aid process, from submitting applications to negotiating for lower tuition. Plus we send reminders to keep you on track! We figure out the hard stuff so you can focus on being a student.

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